5 healthy asparagus recipes

Asparagus is great for making quick and healthy recipes. It not only tastes so delicious but also is quick and easy to prepare. Here’s my 5 favourite healthy asparagus recipes:

Salmon and asparagus pasta

This simple pasta dish with salmon and asparagus is quick and easy! It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and it’s full of nutrients and healthy fatty acids. Made with wholegrain pasta, asparagus and salmon and a creamy soy cuisine sauce. Salmon and asparagus just go so well together and make a great healthy asparagus recipe.

>> Salmon and asparagus pasta

salmon and asparagus pasta healthy recipe

Asparagus quiche

This vegetarian asparagus quiche is so delicious! It’s made with a wholegrain spelt flour crust and filled with asparagus, tomatoes and feta cheese. A great healthy meal! You can either enjoy the asparagus quiche warm and even cold, so it’s perfect for mealprep.

>> Asparagus quiche recipe

asparagus tomato quiche in a pie plate, one piece already missing

Asparagus strawberry salad

This amazing and healthy asparagus salad with strawberries is so colourful! It is full of taste and flavour, only takes 20 minutes to prepare and is just perfect for an amazing summer salad. It consists of asparagus, strawberries, arugula, mozzarella and walnuts and is really easy to prepare. An amazing healthy and vegetarian asparagus recipe.

>> Asparagus strawberry salad recipe

close up of salad made of asparagus, strawberries, arugula, mozzarella and walnuts

Gnocchi with asparagus and tomatoes

Looking for a super quick and healthy recipe with asparagus? Then you need to try these gnocchi with asparagus and tomatoes. Using packaged gnocchi it only takes 15 minutes to prepare this amazing dish. So it’s great for a healthy lunch or a quick weeknight dinner. Made with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and creamy soy cuisine. So tasty!

>> Gnocchi with asparagus and tomatoes recipe

gnocchi and asparagus recipe quick healthy vegan

Lemon asparagus pasta

This pasta asparagus recipe also is a very quick and easy one. It’s made of (wholegrain) pasta, asparagus, cottage cheese, pine nuts and fresh lemon juice. Creamy, refreshing, vegetarian and healthy. And of course so delicious!

>> Lemon asparagus pasta recipe

bowl filled with asparagus lemon pasta
healthy asparagus recipes

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